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oriental trading company wholesale jewelry and fashion accessories
Price in US dollar, for orders ship to US address
oriental trading company wholesale jewelry and fashion accessories, jewelry gifts
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Fashion Hematite necklace

Size:16 inches


USD$9.00 per dozen

CAD$13.00 per dozen

Fashion Hematite necklace with sun face pendant

Size:16 inches long


USD$9.00 per dozen

CAD$13.00 per dozen

Fashion Hematite necklace with key shape pendant

Size:16.5 inches


USD$9.00 per dozen

CAD$13.00 per dozen

magnetic jewelry, wholesale non-magnetic healing hemaite necklace, bracelets
NHEM-3310 to 3314
Fashion Hematite necklace with pendant

Size:16.5 inches



18 inches sea shell necklace
USD$10 for 10 pieces
USD$8.25 for 10 pieces
CAD$15 for 10 pieces
CAD$10.00 for 10 pieces

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